Showreel: Dutch Drone Gods

Produced for Dutch Drone Gods

Showreels are one of the hardest things to produce and I could never settle on one for myself. But when I got asked to edit, grade and sounddesign the showreel for Dutch Drone Gods I immediately took on the challenge. These guys get to shoot at the most insane locations all over the world and capture it in such an unique way that it's truly mind blowing. In The showreel contains shots for TV shows and online productions for big brands like Red Bull, Defqon 1, Insta 360, Jeep, Armin van Buuren and many more.

More about Dutch Drone Gods

"A new generation of drone pilots", and for once the tagline of a production company is not a lie. These guys know drones inside out and have the highest pilot skill level you can imagen. Capturing cinematic shots in ways you would never think were possible. Do you really want to stand out with drone shots? Hire these guys.


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