Rene Sebastian

Graduated at Grafisch Lyceym Eindhoven on video and interaction design in 2007. Meanwhile I've been working in the creative industry for over 15 years. From camera operator to full productions, from production assistant to directing, from digital to analog photography.

In 2014 Rene.io was founded and produced tons of videos and photography as a part time freelancer. With a wide variety from "one man band" productions, to shooting big productions with over 150 people on a callsheet. I've seen every corner of the spectrum and I'm eager to share all that knowledge.

From 2023 onwards I'll be active as a full time freelancer and I look forward to all challenges and adventures that await me. Do you got a creative idea, or you just want to spar about something, just drop me a message and we'll setup a meeting with a good cup of ☕️

Need more? You can also find me on IMDB, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and Github.

Work experience

2014 - present: Freelance visual artist

2020 - present: Creative Director at Dutch Drone Gods

2013 - 2022: Video producer and digital concepting at Nederlandse Ski Vereniging

2007 - 2013: Webdeveloper and video producer at Inovamedia