Drone productions

From the first drone flight I'd made in 2012, I was sold to the idea. But things really change when I did my first FPV (first person view) flight in 2016. Being able to fly a camera any place you want to, move the way you wnat to gave me instant freedome in visual content creation.

But I wanted more, more than I could ever possibly do myself. Luckily the solution came quick in a collaberation with Dutch Drone Gods, where I'm the Creative Director since 2020. Thinking of new concepts, flightpaths and possibilities together as one. Meanwhile we've produced content for Red Bull Racing, Tomorrowland, Efteling, BWM, ESPN many many more like you can see on my homepage.

Drone directing
Although I still execute cinematic drone shoots, my role on set has shifted a bit. Nowadays I'm the link between the director / production crew and the drone team. Showing and explaining all possibilities with the drone and pushing it beyond everyones imagination. You'll probably find the titles "drone director, drone AD or 1st AD" behind my name on the callsheet.

Getting stoked already? Check dutchdronegods.com and let's setup a meeting soon!